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Monthly Archives: March 2022

    How Rates Affect Both Buyers And Sellers

    By Admin | March 29, 2022

    Interest rates affect both buyers and sellers, and here’s why. Today we’ll talk about increasing interest rates and how they affect both buyers and sellers. Everyone looks at interest rates and talks about how much they will affect the buyer, but in reality, rates affect both buyers and sellers. In the last 30 days, we’ve... Read More

    How Has Our Market Changed In a Year?

    By Admin | March 8, 2022

    Today we’re comparing the real estate numbers from January 2022 to those from January 2021. We’ll look at the average sales price, the number of homes on the market, and more. These numbers should give us a better idea of how our market has changed and where it’s heading, so let’s get started.  You can... Read More

    Address These Red Flags Before Listing

    By Admin | March 3, 2022

    Nobody wants to find out that their home is full of red flags! During a house hunt several things can stand out to a buyer. If you’re selling your home, you want buyers to walk away with a good feeling about your home and ready to make an offer. If your home is showing serious... Read More