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    20 Services And Devices Alexa Can Replace

    If you have an Echo and don’t feel like you’re using it to the best of its ability, check out these 20 great services and devices Alexa can replace in your daily life. Sure you know that she can play music from Amazon Music, but did you know she can pair a wine with a dinner that she ordered for you? She can even referee your next family game night! Take a look to find out how to maximize this awesome device in your home.

    1.  Concierge- Use Alexa to make reservations or buy tickets. By using the Alexa Skill “Open Table” you can book a reservation without lifting a finger.
    2. Paper Boy- Alexa can give flash briefings of the day’s news. While you cook dinner, you can ask for updates on world events in a quick and simple format.
    3. Secretary- If you synch a calendar with your Echo, you can keep track of your next meeting or upcoming appointments with the help of your trusty new secretary named Alexa.
    4. List Transcriber- It’s really nice to be able to call out a to-do list without picking up a pen or even your phone. Go through the fridge and make your list in real time, or have Alexa create a list of to-dos while you wash dishes.
    5. Personal Shopper- Since the Echo is an Amazon device, Alexa can order things for you using the “One Click” capability via Amazon. If you run out of laundry detergent mid-laundry day, just ask  Alexa to reorder and watch it arrive on your doorstep thanks to Amazon Prime.
    6. Podcaster- If you listen to podcasts while you work, you’ll love having this capability. Just call out the next podcast episode you want to listen to and Alexa will play it for you. Now you can craft and listen to Serial without having to put down your glue gun!
    7. Meal Planner- Anyone who feeds a family understands recipe ruts. Call out to Alexa and use the Skill “Allrecipes” to search the web for something delicious using what you already have in the house.
    8. Personal Chef- Maybe you don’t want to get into the kitchen to cook. Using the Alexa Skill for Uber, you can order something delicious from a local restaurant and have it delivered via Uber Eats.
    9. Driver- If you need to get a ride somewhere, use the Skill “Uber” to request a ride while you pack your bags.
    10. Sommelier- “Mysomm” is a Skill you can use to ask Alexa for a great wine pairing to go with your gourmet dinner (or that delicious takeout delivery). Just tell the Echo what you’re having for dinner and Mysomm will pair it with the perfect glass.
    11. Personal Trainer- Alexa can actually call out workouts to you. How cool is that? Ask her to guide you through the popular 7 Minute Workout (the one that works every part of your body in a quick 7-minute routine). She’ll call out each workout move and you can be done before you’d have time to start a workout DVD on the TV!
    12. Board Game Referee- If you’re playing a game of Monopoly or Candyland and forget the rules, simply ask Alexa. Solve game playing conundrums and get back to playing faster.
    13. Babysitter- Ok, ok, we aren’t advocating you leave the kids at home alone with the Echo. (Seriously, don’t do that!) But you can ask Alexa to read bedtime stories when you can’t handle reading the same story for the 400th time.
    14. White Noise Machine- Ask Alexa to turn on ocean sounds or a soft rain to lull yourself (or the kids) into a restful night of sleep.
    15. Housekeeper- The device itself won’t actually do any cleaning, but you can sync your Echo with your robotic vacuum to schedule cleanings on a regular basis around the house.
    16. Chauffeur- Using smart tech that connects with your keyless ignition, Alexa can start the car for you! On a frigid day, this perk will come in handy.
    17. Home Manager- Smart thermostats are all the rage these days. Use yours with the help of Alexa to keep your home at the perfect temp for whatever your mood.
    18. History Teacher- The History Channel has a Skill on the Echo that can tell you what happened on this day in history. Expand your knowledge while you’re getting out the door.
    19. Nurse– Although Alexa definitely can’t replace true medical advice, she can give basic first aid help to handle cuts, bug bites, and sprains until you can make it to the doctor.
    20. Inspirational Speaker- Using the “Inspire Me” Skill for daily quotes, you can grab great nuggets of wisdom from your Echo device.

    Photo by Fabian Hurnaus on Pexels

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