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    10 Things You Can Throw Away in Each Room of Your Home

    It doesn’t take long to notice that minimalism is downright trendy. People are embracing a “less is more” mentality and learning to live with fewer items. Individuals are following different methods to purge things from their home and are learning how to live with half the items that they once had.

    Although this is a wonderful goal, most families can’t spend months upending their lives for the sake of organization. Don’t worry, there are still great ways you can adopt a more minimal lifestyle and part with the clutter. Learning to release the weight of burdensome belongings will make you feel lighter and happier.

    A few rules:

    1. Only keep items that add to your life. Even if an item is utilitarian, toss a subpar item and upgrade to one that’s well designed and makes life easier.
    2. If you aren’t sure about something, and it costs less than $20 to replace, toss it. Chances are you’ll never need the item again. But if you do, it’ll cost less to replace than the mental toll of storing it.
    3. Take action immediately. Either throw away or donate items within 24 hours of a cleaning session. Keeping something stashed in a corner to discard later will only result in more clutter.
    4. Don’t hold on to something that you’ll “fix later.” Be honest with yourself that it probably won’t happen and bid the item adieu.






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    1. Duplicate utensils
    2. Plastic take-home cups from restaurants
    3. Condiment packets and takeout utensils
    4. Takeout menus
    5. Storage containers with missing pieces
    6. Water bottles and thermoses
    7. Rusted metal jar lids
    8. Stained kitchen towels
    9. Coffee mugs you don’t love
    10. Small appliances you don’t use monthly






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    1. Expired beauty products
    2. Extra towels (keep no more than 4 spare towels for emergencies)
    3. Magazines
    4. Extra bath toys
    5. Bath products you won’t use
    6. Duplicate and broken hair styling tools
    7. Robes or towel wraps you don’t wear
    8. Décor items you no longer enjoy
    9. Expired medications
    10. Loofahs or sponges






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    Bedrooms and Closets

    1. Extra sheets (keep one complete extra set for each bed)
    2. Décor items that no longer match your style
    3. Clutter on nightstands
    4. Throw pillows
    5. Clothes that don’t fit
    6. Shoes that you haven’t worn in a year or more
    7. Handbags that are damaged or broken
    8. Socks with missing mates
    9. Painting clothes (keep only one pair)
    10. Cheap or broken clothes hangers (upgrade to matching hangers!)






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    Den, Game Room, or Play Room

    1. Games with missing pieces
    2. Charger cords from discarded electronics
    3. Novelty gifts that add clutter
    4. Extra throw blankets or quilts (donate these to a homeless shelter)
    5. Incomplete toy sets
    6. Toys children have outgrown
    7. DVD cases (consolidate the collection into a spiral bound holder)
    8. Art and craft supplies you don’t use
    9. Old copies of magazines
    10. Stained or broken furniture pieces






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    Outdoor Spaces and Garage

    1. Broken lawn tools
    2. Outdoor toys kids have outgrown
    3. Water hoses with leaks
    4. Expired lawn care chemicals or items that are practically empty
    5. Broken or rusted lawn furniture
    6. Broken planters or pots
    7. Gear from hobbies you no longer participate in
    8. Boxes from large items
    9. Cheap tools that haven’t served you well
    10. Duplicates of tools or lawn equipment

    We hope these lists give you a great jumping off point to dive into decluttering. It’s a great feeling to accomplish a clear out. It’s surprisingly easy once you get going. Share your favorite decluttering and minimalism tips, we’d love to hear from you!

    Photo by Steve Johnson on Pexels

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