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    10 Quick Weekend Projects with a Massive Impact

    We’re always looking for ways to spruce up our spaces. Renovations are lovely, in theory, but can involve months of work, lots of expense, and general household upheaval! If you’re itching for a new look or simply need to see some tired spaces revived, take a look at these ideas. These projects mainly involve a little elbow grease, minimal expense, and a few hours over your next weekend.

    Start gathering supplies and make a game plan this week and you could secure your title of “Weekend Warrior” by the end of the day on Sunday.

    Here are our favorite projects:

    1. Paint a Room- The biggest impact project a homeowner can do is to repaint a room. Finally, get rid of that color you hate or bring in a splash of pizazz or calming tones to a room of your choosing. This is an inexpensive way to make a huge impact!
    2. Add a Kitchen Backsplash- A beautiful backsplash adds an element of style and a protective surface to your kitchen’s walls. Follow one of the countless tutorials on the internet such as this one, and add a beautiful feature to your kitchen over the course of a quick weekend!
    3. Build New Storage- If you’ve always lusted over beautiful built-in bookshelves, why not add some this weekend? This tutorial makes the job much more doable for the average home woodworker. You won’t regret the added storage and new architectural interest they add to your home!
    4. Paint Your Cabinets- If you don’t love the look of your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, a huge impact project is to repaint them. This project can take some time, but if it’s done correctly it can look amazing! The key is in proper prep-work and the right kind of paint. Make sure to remove doors from hinges and remove any hardware. Prep by cleaning, sanding, and priming the pieces. Then choose a self-leveling cabinet paint for a professional style finish.
    5. Refresh Your Grout- Grout paint can make a tired bathroom look new. Clean your grout and then paint the grout lines with any of the commercially available paint options on the market. This can be a tedious task, but costs next to nothing and can make a room look brand new!
    6. Add Curb Appeal- If the weather permits, add some landscaping to the front of your home! Spend some time planning your yard’s layout then get busy planting your new plants this weekend. Don’t forget to add mulch, then step back and appreciate your hard work!
    7. Create a Backyard Paradise- Make your back yard into a spot you love to spend time. Create a cozy sitting area, add a fire pit, bring in plants, and hang some string lights. Treat your backyard like any other living space and add layers of rugs, décor items, and lighting to make it a space perfect for entertaining and fun times!
    8. Modernize Bathroom Fixtures- Your bathroom faucet, showerhead, toilet roll holder, and towel bars could make your bathroom look dated. Reevaluate these fixtures over the weekend and replace them with something you love! If you’re up for it, replace your bathroom light fixtures as well for a complete makeover.
    9. Give Your Trim New Life- Trim paint can look beat up over time. Spend a few hours giving it a fresh coat of paint this weekend. Wipe trim and baseboards clean, then clear any large chips. Fill in holes with wood filler and sand to prep them for painting.
    10. Make Your Light Fixtures Sparkle– Replacing a room’s light fixtures can instantly update it. Do your research and follow all the necessary safety precautions before handling any electrical components. Then enjoy a fresh new look.

    Updating your home or sprucing up an area doesn’t have to take months. It’s possible to give yourself a fresh new look by attacking a project this weekend. What are your favorite weekend warrior projects around the house? We’d love to hear your ideas to spruce up our own homes.

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